Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mark Twain once wrote "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated!".  I suppose that I could use that line here, as I haven't posted on my blog since January!!!!!  What's up with that!  I don't have a good excuse for it.  Just laziness on my part, I guess.  
I received a jump start to my barn quilt making when I was contacted by a local newspaper reporter, Carrie MacMillan from the Republic American, out of Waterbury, CT.  She was doing an article on barns quilts, saw my website and blog, and asked me if I would be willing to contribute information for her article.  A photographer came out to the house and took photo's of the 3 barn quilts that are hanging on my house, which are the Christmas Star, Mariner's Compass and Daisy Rose.  He then took a picture of the barn quilt hanging on my neighbors tool shed, the Double Aster.  The article appeared in the newspaper on October 7th.  Although I didn't receive any calls from reader's of the article, the fact that my name and website were printed, gave me that spark to begin making barn quilts again. 
Coincidentally, I received an email from a Lady in Illinois about a week ago, who saw my blog, and asked if I would make a barn quilt for her.  I wrote her back to say that I would make one.  She then wrote back to me, a week later, saying that she found someone in the area who could do one for her.  Well, I guess it fell through, because she emailed me again today to ask if I would be able to make one for her!   WOW, another spark!!
I am now finishing up on my latest barn quilt.  This one I call 'Halloween Pinwheel'. 

  It's not quite done yet.  I went to my local Michael's craft store and found halloween themed rubber stamps, made my Martha Stewart, that I will apply to this barn quilt, similar to what I did on my Crazy Log Cabin barn quilt.  You can see a photo of that one on a previous blog post.  Once I apply the images, I will post a new photo.
It feels great to get back into the groove and have the satisfaction of applying paint to wood and be able to create a work of art!