Saturday, November 1, 2014

Going Green!

If you go back thru my blog archives, you will see barn quilts in the 'Double Aster' pattern that were done using a variety of colors.  I was contacted by Leondia from Decatur, IN requesting a 'Double Aster' 4' X 4' barn quilt be made for her.  She liked the colors that were used in the barn quilts that I made in the past, however, she wanted it to be made in various shades of green.  She thought that it would look nice on her barn, that was barn red.   When she sent me the photo of it hanging on her barn, I had to agree.   It did look very nice.

About 4 months later, Leondia contacted me again.  This time she wanted a barn quilt, also a 4' X 4' to hang on another part of her barn, in the 'Carpenter Wheel' pattern.  This one would also be in shades of the same green that was used in the first one.  

Like the first barn quilt, this one also looks great on a red barn.