Sunday, December 2, 2012

The 4x4 Mariner's Compass, Update

In a previous blog I wrote about the 4x4 Mariner's Compass, with a nautical theme, that I made for my sister in law Darlene.  The barn quilt was finally delivered and hung on their home.  The location was above the front door.  Due to the height that the barn quilt would be hanging, my brother in law devised a block and tackle set up to hoist the barn quilt in position, which gave him added leverage to be able to secure the barn quilt to the house.

I had a photo of the barn quilt being hoisted into place, however, the camera had malfunction and the shot was never recorded.  The next photo shows the barn quilt in position with Darlene posing under it.

As I was leaving, I happened to look back at the barn quilt and was amazed at how it look. So, I just had to take another photo!!!

Christmas Star barn quilt

I received an email, thru my website, from a lady in Virginia who was planning on coming to Connecticut to be with friends for Thanksgiving.  She wanted me to make a 2x2 barn quilt in the Christmas Star pattern for friends of her's in Newport News, Virginia.  She indicated that she was thinking about picking up the barn quilt and bringing it back to Virginia.  She became reluctant to do that, as she didn't want to damage it in any way, so then told me that I could ship it to her friends.  She wanted to have it arrive around December 21st or 22nd to her friends house as a surprise Christmas present.
She liked the color combinations that I did on a Christmas Star that I made several years ago.  This is a photo of that barn quilt.

She wanted to keep the white background and the red and pink, but, change the green's to blue's.  I told her that wouldn't be a problem and the following photo is a result of that change.

It always amazes me how color shading giving a sort of three dimensional look to a pattern.