Sunday, December 11, 2011

Traveling Advertising!

Connecticut is blessed to have a large number of quilt shops around the State.   Just ask my wife.  She has visited everyone of them.........and more than once!!!!  I've been to several of these shops with her and I was amazed at the steady number of customer's that come in and out of these shops.  So, how do I take advantage of this customer traffic?  The online printing company that I use to print out my business cards, also offer door magnet's.  Fantastic!!!  I had them make up two for me to put on my pickup truck, so that the quilting ladies, traveling the highways of Connecticut, hopefully will take notice and give me a call.  Or, traveler's who have no idea what a barn quilt is may just call me, or visit my website, to see what they are.   Should be interesting!!

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