Sunday, November 11, 2012

In my September 21st blog I wrote about a 2 x 2 Mariner's Compass that I made for a co-worker for their cottage in New Hampshire.  This is a photo of it hung on their storage shed.

Liz asked me if I could make two 1 x 1's to go on each side of the Mariner's Compass.  She wanted to keep with a nautical theme and wanted to know if I could do anything with boats.  I mentioned about a quilt pattern called 'crossed canoe's' and showed her several sample from the internet.  She liked the idea and gave me the go-ahead.  This is the result of that:

This pattern is very simple and clean.  However, I feel that it depicts the joy of canoeing on the lake, which their cottage is located at.  She know wants me to to a similar pattern.  This time she wants to incorporate paddles.  I haven't come up with an appropriate pattern, so, I may have to create one.  It may be similar to the crossed canoe's and I may call it crossed paddles!!  I'm not sure yet.  Their cottage is closed up for the winter, so I have time to think about it.

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