Sunday, December 2, 2012

The 4x4 Mariner's Compass, Update

In a previous blog I wrote about the 4x4 Mariner's Compass, with a nautical theme, that I made for my sister in law Darlene.  The barn quilt was finally delivered and hung on their home.  The location was above the front door.  Due to the height that the barn quilt would be hanging, my brother in law devised a block and tackle set up to hoist the barn quilt in position, which gave him added leverage to be able to secure the barn quilt to the house.

I had a photo of the barn quilt being hoisted into place, however, the camera had malfunction and the shot was never recorded.  The next photo shows the barn quilt in position with Darlene posing under it.

As I was leaving, I happened to look back at the barn quilt and was amazed at how it look. So, I just had to take another photo!!!

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  1. I think this barn quilt was PERFECT for that empty spot above her door! I know she must LOVE it!! Yes, I love seeing the barn quilt show up at a distance...very pretty.