Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vermont Quilt Trail

 I want to share this link with everyone regarding a barn quilt trail in Vermont.

My wife and I went to a quilt show in Essex Junction, VT last June.  With my new interest in barn quilts I did a Google search for barn quilts in Vermont.  I came up with an item in the Vermont Travel Planner of a lady in Sheldon, VT who had formed a group to paint and install barn quilts in her area.  After the quilt show we took a ride to Sheldon, which was only about 10 miles away from Essex Junction, to find these barn quilts.   The first barn quilt we saw, the Mariner's Compass, was attached to the front porch of a house just outside of Sheldon.  We stopped to talk to the homeowners, who were outside working in their flower bed, only to find out that it was Fern Mercure, the organizer for the barn quilts.  We had a very nice chat with her and she gave us a brochure showing the locations of all the barn quilts in the area.  Below are some of the barn quilts that we visited in Vermont.

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