Sunday, September 19, 2010

New barn quilt additions

I have been quite busy over the last several weeks completing and hanging my barn quilts.  I truly enjoy drawing the quilt design on the board, deciding which colors will go well together and then painting the quilt block pattern on the board.  However, seeing my creation displayed for all to see is the most rewarding feeling there is.  The first barn quilt is the Double Aster.  I made this one for my neighbor and this is hanging on her storage building.  I will be able to enjoy looking at this one everyday as I will be able to see it from my sunroom.

The next barn quilt was just hung today at my house.  I now have three hanging on the house.  This one is on the rightside and is visible from the street.  I really like to Mariner's Compass and this one is my version of it

This last barn quilt was a challenge.  I made this one for my sister in law.  She told me that she likes the Log Cabin design, however, she gave me no guidance as to the colors she wanted.  She was going to leave it up to me to figure it out and said that she would like whatever I came up with.  So, this barn quilt is the result.  After painting all the strips I wanted to do something unique for her.   As you can tell from the photo each color strip has some type of pattern to it.  I bought some stamps from A. C. Moore Craft Store.  On the green strip I stamped maple leaves, oak leaves and aspen leaves and painted them a dark green.  The blue diagonal stripes were created by first painting the strip navy blue, then applying painters tape over the entire strip, removing every other tape, then painting light blue over the dark blue, which then created the stripes.  The white polka dots over the red was created by using wire nuts to dab white circles then filling them in with white paint.  The smaller dark blue strip was dabbed over with white paint using a wadded up paper towel. The pink strip was stamped with honey bees then painted.   The yellow strip and a sprinkling of light green paint flecked on it.  This was acheived by using a wire brush, dipped in green paint, then touching the yellow strip with the brush.


I purchased another 2'x2' board today and will begin to plan another barn quilt.  I'm not sure what block pattern I want to do yet.  I do have two 1'x1' boards already primed and will probably work on them this coming week.  One will be the Friendship Star and the other will be Card Tricks.  I hope to have photo's of these for my next blog post.

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