Saturday, October 2, 2010

My latest creations

I can't believe that it is now October.  Where has the time gone?  We've had a very long stretch of hot and dry weather here in Connecticut over the past summer and now that fall has arrived we are receiving cooler and wetter weather.  Which gives me a good excuse to work inside on barn quilts to add to my collection.  I'm hoping to make a variety of barn quilts and get the opportunity to sell them at craft and/or quilt shows in my area.  
The first one pictured is called 'Whirling Star'.   I wasn't sure if the color combination that I selected would work.  However, after I finished it and took a good long look at my selection of color, I was pleased with the result.   

The next three barn quilts are 1' x 1' in size.  I like to call them 'Door Quilts' as they are intended to be hung on entry doors.  The top one is 'Laced Star'.  The one on the lower left is 'Friendship Star' and the one on the lower right is, what I like to call 'Card Trick Variation' because you see the Friendship Star super-imposed into the Card Trick pattern. 

Now that these barn quilts are done, I'm looking forward to work on the next pattern.  I have two 2' x 2' boards primed and ready.   All I need to do now is make a decision on which pattern I will do next. 

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