Thursday, October 25, 2012

My trip to Vermont

On September 15, 2010 I blogged about meeting Fern Mercure from Sheldon, VT, who was instrumental in creating the first barn quilt trail in Vermont.  I became friends with Fern and stayed in contact with her.  My wife and I were making a trip to Vermont, over the Columbus Day weekend, and I contacted Fern to schedule a visit during our time there.
Fern had informed me that there was a second barn quilt trail that was created in Rickford, VT, about 30 miles North of Sheldon.  With the development of the second trail, combined with the first trail and a number of individual barn quilts that were created, there are now approximately 84 barn quilts in Northern Vermont!!!  The following is a website featuring the second trail, with a downloadable brochure showing the locations of the barn quilts.

It was great to visit with Fern again.  She remains busy with her quilting and creating new barn quilts that she displays at her home.  She and I are standing in front of her first barn quilt, the Mariner's Compass!

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