Friday, September 21, 2012

Updated barn quilt photo's

About four months ago, I was asked by a co-worker to make her a barn quilt for their summer cottage in New Hampshire.  She liked the Mariner's Compass.  When I purchased the board to make her barn quilt, I didn't realize that I picked up Oak plywood, rather than my usual Birch plywood.  There was an apparent switch of boards in the rack at the lumber store and I didn't realize that I purchased an Oak board. 
I noticed that after I applied the primer/sealer, in two coats, the oak bled thru the primer.  I applied a third coat and it was still the same, but, not as much.  I figured that once I applied the white background paint, the bleeding would cease.............Not so!  It still bled thru somewhat.  I wasn't pleased.  I let her know about it and she wasn't concerned.  This is a photo that shows the bleeding.  It's rather subtle, but, if you look carefully you can see it, particularly on the left.

When I brought her barn quilt in to work, she loved the effect that the bleeding gave.  Here is a photo of her barn quilt hanging on their cottage in Unity, NH.
The next photo is of the Union Jack and Puerto Rican Flag barn quilt that I blogged on a while back.  These are photo's of the barn quilt hanging on the garden shed.  This one is located in Newington, CT.

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