Monday, April 8, 2013

Barn quilts by the lake

One of the drawbacks of conducting a business via the internet, is the absence of direct, one-on-one, contact with your client.  All of my contacts with my past clients has strictly been through emails.  On rare occasions will I talk with the client over the phone, let alone having a direct meeting with theme.  In most cases, the collaboration between myself and the client is sufficient through emails.
That wasn't the case with my last barn quilt order.  I was contacted via email, through my website as is the norm, from a lady in Sturbridge, MA who was interested in having two barn quilts made for her.  Her name is Gaye.  One would be a 4'x4' Mariner's Compass and the other would be a 2'x2', Love in the Mist.  I gave her an introduction about my barn quilts and how their made.  She asked if I wouldn't mind if she drove down to actually see the barn quilts that I have hanging on my house.  Sturbridge is about a one hour drive to my house.  We scheduled a visit on the following Saturday.
Gaye arrived, quilt pattern book in hand, and we began to finalize what the color options would be.  I took her around my house and showed her the barn quilts.  She and I then sat down and came up with the color options for her barn quilts.  She then asked if I could make a third barn quilt about 18" x 18".   Although I don't advertise an 18" square, I agreed to make one for her.   That was three barn quilts that I would be making for one order!!  Now, if you read on my website, I state that I will deliver free within the State of Connecticut.  Because Gaye ordered three barn quilts and lived just over the border of CT, I waived my rule of delivering free within the State and told her that I would deliver the quilts to her home in Sturbridge.  She told me that the Mariner's Compass would be hanging on the side of home which faces a lake.   She wants it there so that all the boater's passing by will see her barn quilt.  Here are the three barn quilts that I delivered:

This one is the Martha Washington Star and is hanging at the front entrance of their home.  The next barn quilt is called 'Love in the Mist'.  The lighter yellow in the photo was a special blend that I whipped up.  From this photo you can see the lake in the back.

The last barn quilt is the large 4'x4' Mariner's Compass.  I think that I've created more Mariner's Compass barn quilts than any other block pattern designs. 
As a result Gaye's visit, along with her husband Bill, we have sparked a friendship that I hope will last for a long time.  I'm already planning on take a drive up in April or May to see, first hand, Gaye's barn quilts!!

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  1. So pretty! The barn quilts really dress up her outdoor areas!