Monday, May 27, 2013

Play ball!!

Since I started making barn quilts, back in 2009, the pattern have always been the traditional quilt patterns, i.e:  Mariner's Compass, Double Aster, Log Cabin, Lamoyne Star, etc.   The wine themed barn quilt that I made and blogged about was the most unusual.
A past customer and now friend, Gail Links from Illinois, told me, after seeing the wine themed barn quilt, that she thought I had enough talent to replicate the St Louis Cardinal's logo and was I up to the challenge!
I told her that I wasn't sure about replicating the cardinal, but, I could give it a try.   I told her that, with my luck, it would end up looking like a pigeon!!!  Much to my surprise, the logo came out quite well.

Shortly after starting this one, I was contacted by the lady who I made the wine themed barn quilt and asked if I could do the logo from the University of Kentucky Wildcats.   Am I sensing a branch of my barn quilt making?  Again, I said 'why not' and gave it a try.  This is a progress photo of that barn quilt that I'm currently working on.

There will be a UK logo in each of the four corners.  When I'm done with this one I will post a photo of it here.

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