Sunday, February 26, 2012

Patriotic Theme

My wife and her friend Sue have been quilting buddies for about 5 years.  We met Sue and her husband, Joe, about 6 years ago at a country dance bar, Cadillac Ranch, in Southington, CT.  Yes, the four of us have been country line dancing for that period of time and love it!  I've got the cowboy boots to prove it......and I'm not bad on the dance floor!!!!

Well, my wife and Sue usually quilt on Saturday's together, switching back and forth from each other's houses.  Two weeks ago Sue was at our house and was working on a quilt using a pattern that she loves called Hunter Star.  She mentioned to me that she would like a door quilt for the summer, honoring Memorial Day and Fouth of July.  So, being a good listener (of course, my wife will disagree!) I put two and two together and came up with the Hunter Star pattern in red, white and blue.

I had thought about doing a few imbellishments within the pattern, but, I like the clean look and lines on it, so I'm leaving it alone.

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