Sunday, March 11, 2012

If the last two weeks are any indication, I have a funny feeling that 2012 will be a very productive year for me, as far as, creating barn quilts.  When I received my copy of Suzi Parron's book, 'Barn Quilts and the American Quilt Trail Movement, I brought it to work with me to show.  As a result, I have an order for two barn quilts.  My sister in law, Darlene, contacted me and asked if I could make her a 4' x 4' Mariner's Compass.  She and her husband, Ivan, are avid sailor's!  She told me that she would get back to me with her color choices.  Last week I received an email, through my website, from Linda in Illinois asking me if I could make two barn quilts for her.   She liked the Double Aster that I made several years ago for my neighbor and wanted a 2' x 2' that was similar.  She also wanted a 1' x 1' in the Mariner's Compass pattern.

If you go to my website and read my front page, it indicates that I will not make two barn quilts the same.  I would either change the color pattern and/or shading so that each barn quilt is unique and one of a kind for it's owner.  That's what I did for Linda.   Below is the Double Aster that I made for my neighbor.

I used 'Fiesta Red', 'Bright Yellow' and 'New Bud' (green) for the double aster.  The border was done in black.  So, to keep Linda's pattern unique and one of a kind, I made several subtle changes to her's.  This is the result of those changes.

The red that I used for Linda's barn quilt, is a blend that I created using Fiesta Red and pink, which lightened the shading.  I used 'Mayan Gold' to replace the yellow.  For the green shading, I used 'New Bud' for the lighter green and a blend of 'Hunter Green' and 'New Bud' for the darker green.  I then changed the black border to a 'Royal Blue' border.  Linda was so thrilled with her barn quilt that she told me that she is spreading the word and trying to get other's in her area to order barn quilts from me!!

It's gratifying to me knowing that I've brightened someone's day with a barn quilt and I'm humbled by it.  I am proud of the fact that my barn quilts are being displayed on home's in Connecticut and now Illinois, for all to see.  I hope it continues!! 


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