Sunday, April 29, 2012

Another Mariner's Compass!!

It would be interesting to see how many variation's of the Mariner's Compass I can make!  This is another version of this pattern, for my sister in law Tina.  The main difference in this one, compared to the other's that I've made may not be noticable.  What I did with this one is to stretch the first compass star (the yellow) to the corner's of the board.  It created a very interest image of this pattern.

Photo's courtesy of Wayne Menard

Tina, pretty much left the color choice's up to me.  However, she did want to include the color, Hunter Green, into the color selections because the shutter's on her house is hunter green.  So, it was decided to make hunter green the background color.  By using this color as the background, it made the color's in the Mariner's Compass stand out!!  I also took artistic license and painted the border a tan color rather than black, to make the hunter green stand out even more. 

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