Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Perfect Fit!!!!

It's always an adrenaline rush for me when I see my barn quilts proudly hung on the new owner's house and/or garden shed.   A 2' x 2' barn quilt is appropriate for that.  However, to see my first 4' x 4' barn quilt being hung on a large farm structure, took my breath away!!  It was 'A Perfect Fit'!!!!

I recently received these photo's from Pam B, who commissioned me to make this 4' x 4' barn quilt, in the Christmas Star pattern, to be hung on her mother's storage building!!  I must say that I was taken aback by how well this barn quilt looked!  Pam's mother, Caryl K, was thrilled to have received it and see it hung. 

This next photo is of Pam (on the left) and her mother Caryl (on the right) standing under the barn quilt.  I am so proud of this one.  It's as if it was made to be placed where it is!!

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