Tuesday, September 11, 2012

An order from across the pond!!

Several weeks ago I received on email through my website from a lady who wanted to order a 2' x 2' barn quilt in the Bear Paw pattern.  She wanted it made, as a surprise, for a quilting friend of her's who she was to visit in October.  Her friend lives in Washington State.   She wanted it in the Bear Paw pattern and the colors were to be primarily blue.  She was going to leave it  up to me, as to the shades of blue to be used and their arrangement on the board.   In closer inspection of her email, I noticed 'uk' at the end of her email address.  This lady was from Great Britain!!!!!  How cool was that!!  She wanted to know if I could coordinate the delivery date for the period that she was going to visit her friend.  I said not a problem!!

As I do with all of my clients, I take progress photo's and email the photo's to them.  On this particular barn quilt, I took photo's of the entire process and have included the photo's in this blog.

The first photo shows the line drawing of the bear paw pattern.  I decided to do a group of four in each quarter section of the board. 

The next photo shows the bear paws taped off so I can apply the back ground color, which was a light blue.  All of my barn quilts have been painted using a paint brush.  In the case of this project, I elected to use a small foam paint roller to apply the back ground color.  This proved easier as there were a lot of angled areas to paint and I wanted to make sure there was even coverage.

Once the back ground color was applied, I taped off the area's around the claw part of the bear paw and the small squares to prepare them for painting.  This was a very tedious undertaking, as there were a lot of angled area's to tape off.  This is the photo of that.

This next photo is of the barn quilt with the tape removed.

I then taped off the white squares to ready that for painting.

The final photo is of the completed barn quilt, in the bear paw pattern.  To dress up the barn quilt I applied texture to the squares.  It was a very scientific process in applying the texture.  Are you ready for this?!  I used a shower poof that most women use in place of a wash cloth!!!!
This barn quilt is now ready for shipment to it's new owner.  I'm looking forward to the reaction when it arrives!!!

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