Sunday, June 17, 2012

#1 in West Virginia

I sometimes wonder why I'm making barn quilts.  I'm usually surrounded by 7 or 8 quart paint cans, not to mention the approximately 30 cans of paint, in as many colors sitting on the shelf!!  I will sometime get myself tangled up in blue painter's tape, while taping off area's on the barn quilt to get it ready for painting.  Hmmm, I wonder how many yards of blue tape I've used since I started?  I'm afraid to find out.  I have several stacks of boards ready for priming and I'm constantly visiting my Lowe's Home Improvement center, sifting thru the supply of 2x2's looking for that flawless board to be purchased for a future barn quilt.

Well, I think I know why I do this.  It's not the fact that I enjoy the creative element in drawing out a line pattern on the board, and it's not the fact that I get a kick out seeing colors coming together to create a pattern.  No, it's the thank you's and photo's I receive from happy clients showing off their barn quilts, that I created.

Case in point is Willa Greathouse from Grafton, WV who sent me a photo of her standing next to her Friendship Knot!!  This is way I make them ;>)

Photo courtesy of Willa Greathouse, Grafton, WV

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