Sunday, June 3, 2012

My first curve lines!

A lady from Grafton, WV contacted me through my website to ask if I could make her a 1' x 1' door quilt in the 'Friendship Knot' pattern.  A friendship knot is are inverted arc's joined by four diamond patterns in the corner's.  The pattern would be my first attempt to make curved lines.  All my barn quilts in the past have been straight lined giometric patterns which are easy to lay out on the board, easy to tape and paint.

In this case, I had to plot out the proper curve lines, both inside and outside of the curves, so that they were equally spaced.  I had already drew out the corner diamond shapes, so I needed to find something with the proper curve to match the center of the corner pattern and the inside edges.  I'm looking around my workshop and notice a small stack of plastic garden pots.  I went through the stacka and found and 8" pot.  Using the top of the pot, I placed it on the board and lined it up with the center of the corner patterns.   It was a perfect match.  I then looked at the inside of the curve and determined that a one quart paint can was an ideal match. 
Taping the area off, I placed the garden pot over the tape, carefully ran my exacto knife around the edge of the pot, cutting into the tape.   After painting the white background.  I removed the tape and the re-tape for the red.  Carefully matching up the guide lines that I made with the pot I, once again, carefully ran the exacto knife over the tape.  Although it wasn't a perfect line match, as some of the curve lines were not aligned, they were close enough to each other, that I just did a little touch up later.
The hearts were printed from a clip art website, cut out of the paper and placed over the tape that was applied to the board.  I then, using a pencil, traced that heart shape onto the tape.  With a exacto knife, I cut around the heart and removed the inside tape.  I then painted the hearts white. 
This is a very simple design.  However, the time spent in laying out the pattern on the board, matching the different colors needed for the curve lines and the addition of the hearts, took more time than usual.  It was time well spent, as the result was fantastic!!

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