Saturday, June 30, 2012

It's time to be patriotic!

The timing for my latest quilt pattern was perfect.  We were just coming off  Memorial Day and will now be celebrating Fourth of July next week.  My neighbor commissioned me to make a 'door quilt' for her in the Liberty Star pattern.  How appropriate is that!!

This was a very simple and easy pattern to work with.  I finished it in 3 nights!  The only area that was time consuming was plotting out and placing the three stars as evenly as possible.  I really shouldn't give away my secrets......but, what the heck!  I have a line drawing of a five-pointed star in my MSWord program.  I scaled down the star on the computer to the appropriate size.   I printed it out and then cut a strip with the star the width of the blue stripe.  With an X-acto knife I cut the star out of the paper.  After laying a strip of frogger tape over the blue, I placed the cut strip of paper over the tape and using the X-acto knife carefully cut the tape.   I then pealing off the cut pieces of tape to reveal the star and then painted it white.  Once dry, I pealed off the tape and three perfectly shaped stars remained. 
I'm currently working on three 2x2 barn quilts.  Two are Mariner's Compass variations and the third is an Oregon Star.  As soon as I finish each one, I will feature them here..

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