Monday, July 16, 2012

Oregon Star

I have been quite busy over the last several weeks, working on three barn quilts at the same time!  The first was the Carpenter's Wheel (see it, 2 blogs ago) that was sent to Indiana, the second was the Mariner's Compass (my last blog) that was sent out to Minnesota and now an Oregon Star, being sent to, coincidently, to a lady in Oregon!!  How appropriate is that?!

Jeanne was fun to correspond with.  I was constantly exchanging emails with her regarding what type of pattern and what colors she wanted.  She wanted the Oregon Star put wanted to be sure that it would be easy enough for me to do.  She suggested that I should do the Mariner's Compass instead, being that I've done a number of them in the past.  One point I would like to stress with my readers and future clients of my barn quilts.  I will recreate any pattern that you desire, whether I've done it before or not.  It's not 'what I want', but, 'what YOU want'.  Always remember that!

The Oregon Star pattern was a fun one to do.  Jeanne likes red, so I kept the red tones in the center of the star.  I tried to replicate a bow pattern in the center by segregating the points in quarters, to try to give that affect.  I hope I pulled it off. 
Jeanne also wanted a contrasting color on the points, so I came up with the green shade.  I think it works well with the other colors! 

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