Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It started with a picture

Most of the barn quilts that I've created for clients have come from their choice of block patterns, such as, Mariner's Compass, Double Aster and Liberty Star.   I would collaborate with the client on color selections. 
My latest creation came from a photograph that Tracy from Centerville, IN emailed to me showing a Carpenter's Wheel. 

She also sent me a chart of the pattern with specific changes in color.  She wanted the blue changed to burgundy, the yellow blocks and stripes changed to green and the green changed to yellow.  The blue in the center was to be changed to gray and the red in the center changed to burgundy.  She wanted to change the red border surrounding the Carpenter's Wheel changed to black. 
Using the photograph as a guide, I was able to calculate the dimensions of the design and the next picture was the result of the changes made.

The corner medallions, as I like to call them, turned out to be more of a problem to re-create on a 2x2 size.  I told Tracy about it and told her that I would like to enlarge the medallions, so that the taping process would be easier to do.  She agreed.  The next photo is the result of that.

I really enjoyed taking on this project.  It gave me the chance to hone my skills on creating striping and working on very small patterns, such as the medallions.

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  1. That is GORGEOUS!!
    I'm a beginner at painting barn quilts & hope someday I can paint one as beautifully detailed as this is!