Friday, August 3, 2012

A different perspective

Hanging a barn quilt 'squared' or 'on point' could make quite a difference in the looks of the block pattern.  A follower of my blog, 'Sherry', commented on my 4 x4 Christmas Star blog and mentioned about the difference in looks when hung 'on point'.  So, I thought that I would post the photo again of the Christmas Star barn quilt that I did several years ago and a photo of the same barn quilt, hung 'on point', and let you decide which one you like best:

Although, the patterns are the same, when hung differently, it gives a whole new look. 
Another example is a barn quilt that I made for my sister-in-law, in the log cabin pattern.  Now, most of the time, the log cabin in viewed 'squared'.  When I did my sister-in-law's log cabin barn quilt, she wanted me to hang in 'on point'.  I don't have a photo of it hanging 'squared'.  However, the 'on point' photo gives you an idea of the change in the looks of the pattern.  I like it hung 'on point'.

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  1. Thanks're the best!!!
    Someday, I hope to paint barn quilts as beautifully detailed as yours!