Thursday, August 2, 2012

My first 4X4 barn quilt!!

Well, I've been wondering when the day would come that I would be commissioned to make a 4' x 4' barn quilt.  Over the past several year's, I've specialized in mainly 2' x 2' sizes.  It's a convenient size to work on in my workshop.  I have an old wooden lazy susan stand that I use when painting them.  I'm able to turn the barn quilt, as needed, to complete whatever design I work on.  I've always wanted to attempt to do a 4' x 4' and I went out, about 6 months ago, and bought a piece of birch plywood, in that size, with hopes of starting one.  The board sat in my workshop since that time.  For a while, I've advertised on my website that I do 4' x 4' sizes, but, never received any orders.  So, several months back, I removed the advertisement and continued to concentrate on my 2' x 2' and 1' x 1' sizes.
Several weeks ago I received an email, through my website, from a lady who was very interested in have a barn quilt done for her mother and wanted a 4' x 4'. 

She liked the Christmas Star pattern that I had done a while back, however, she wanted to change the colors.  This is the one that I had done.

She wanted in done in with the white background.  The red would be the same dark shade, all the way through and would be painted in the same locations shown in this photo.  The green would be replaced with blue throughout.  At first, she didn't want a border painted on.  She stated that the barn quilt was going to hang on a red pole barn and that the barn would be the frame.  Then, she decided to have a border added.  Here is the result of those changes.

What has always amazed me when I make two or more barn quilts in the same pattern and change the colors, how different it makes the pattern look. 
I was also very surprised how easy it was to work on this size.  Although, I worked on this in my garage, as I was limited for space in my workshop, It was a fun barn quilt to do.  As a result, I'm adding this size back to my website.  I must add one trivia fact to this.  I used an entire roll of blue painter's tape a this barn quilt!!!
This barn quilt will now be shipped to it's new owner in Russellville, Kentucky!!  For those of you who are familiar with Barn Quilt Trail's, will know that Kentucky has a number of them.  I'm proud of the fact that one of my barn quilts will now be display in Kentucky for all to see!!


  1. Soooo pretty!
    I love these quilt blocks when they are hung diagonally also, don't you??! Gives such a different look!
    Wonderful job!

    1. I agree. In many cases, hanging a barn quilt 'on point' gives a different perspective to the pattern. If you go back thru the archives, I believe when I blogged about my Christmas Star, I posted a photo of the way you see it here, and also a photo of hanging 'on point'