Sunday, August 12, 2012

Helping out!

One thing that I've enjoyed about making barn quilts, is the online friendships that I've made with those that I've made barn quilts for and other's who contacted me to ask questions about how to make them.
I received an email from Linda M who lives in Guyton, GA asking me about barn quilt patterns and whether they are copyrighted designs.  I don't ever recall that any particular design was copyrighted.  I jokingly told her that she could replicate any pattern except MINE!!!! 
We had a nice exchange of emails.  She complemented me on my abilities and thought that my barn quilts were beautiful.  Linda said that she made several barn quilts for family and friends and wants to to more.  However, I got the sense that she thought she was that talented to do them.   I asked her to send me some photos of her work.  She sent three photos.  I found them very interesting.
One thing that I've learned about quilt patterns and paint combinations, is that they all look great.  Each one is unique to the others.
I asked Linda for permission to post him here for all to see.  I think she did very well and should be proud of them.

The first one she made was to honor her husband's 23 years in the Army. 

                                          Photo courtesy of Linda M, Guyton, GA

The second one was made to honor her brother in law from Northwoods, IA who got her into barn quilt painting.  This one is called 'Double Canoe's'

                                          Photo courtesy of Linda M, Guyton, GA

This next one was made for her best friend who enjoys gardening and likes the many shades of red.
This one is called 'Double Aster'.

                                          Photo courtesy of Linda M, Guyton, GA

I applaud Linda for her creativity with the designs, using her own color combinations to create a unique barn quilt.  I told her to stay in touch and to share her future work with me.                                          

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